As Soicety of Work members re-enter our office space, we remain committed to creating a healthy and safe workspace and have created COVID-19 Community Norms and Guidelines.

Following recommendations from CDC and others, we have created these guidelines with the goal of keeping our members safe. Working together and looking out for one another, our space can remain a healthy environment for all.

COVID-19 Community Norms


SHARED SPACES We continue to work closely with the building cleaning crew to maintain increased cleaning and sanitation efforts. The nightly cleaning crew is paying special attention to commonly shared items (i.e. door handles, elevator buttons, handrails) and flat surfaces. During the day our team will also be wiping down highly trafficked areas multiple times.

WIPE IT DOWN! Pre-diluted spray bottles containing bleach are provided for each bathroom, kitchen, common areas, and desks. After use of shared spaces like conference rooms, kitchen or printer, we encourage you to sanitize the space. SANITATION STATIONS New sanitizing dispensers will be located in the elevator lobby areas and on the first Floor. Second Story Management is also working to provide Clorox wipes in the elevator.

Read more about MCS cleaning protocols here.


6 FEET IS A SAFE DISTANCE We continue to encourage members to follow social distancing recommendations and maintain a safe distance of six feet from other members. Please respect others’ decision to remain further away and adhere to these guidelines.

CONSIDER WEARING A MASK While moving around the space, we encourage members to wear a mask to keep yourself and others safe. In places like restrooms and hallways, it can’t be ensured you will be able to maintain needed 6 feet space, so wearing a mask will help protect all.


REMINDERS FOR HEALTH To reinforce best practices of hygiene and social distancing, we will be placing visual guidelines throughout the Society of Work space including the restrooms, kitchen, conference room and shared workspace.


### KEEP THE SPACE Out of respect for everyone, we request that no more than two people work at a desk following the 6 ft guidelines in the shared coworking spaces. While using the kitchen, bathrooms and conference rooms, we ask that you remain aware of others in the space and give a wide berth of 6 feet as much as possible. If we can take a pause and give each other space, this will allow us to remain working together safely.

## COMMUNICATION IS KEY If for any reason, a member doesn’t feel well or feel that they are part of the population that has increased risk of infection, we ask that they please do not come to the office. If a member or someone they know becomes aware of ANY person in our community or building who may have been exposed to (or tests positive for) the virus, please notify us immediately. We’ll work quickly to take action however is deemed necessary and will keep the communication lines open with you as well.

We ask that our guests abide by the same rules for all the above.